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About Us - About Awakening Jagriti
Awakening Jagriti is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and working in four geographic locations of India (Pune, Nashik, Velhe and Nagercoil). The organization was established in the year 1993 with concerted efforts of some philanthropic people. We work for the overall development of the community through different projects with children being our focal point. All the projects that we have go hand in hand with each other and are aimed at the overall development of the community. We believe that no single project can bring a sea change in the community. With this belief, Awakening Jagriti came into partnership with Intervida Spain and Intervita Italy. Now both the organization through its joint efforts is striving to achieve sustainable growth and development in the country.

With the experience and based on the assessment strategically Awakening Jagriti has decided to continue the philosophy of Direct Intervention. Now to strengthen the impact of this philosophy Awakening Jagriti has also decided to extend its role as Capacity Building organization as well. The philosophy of direct intervention which has led Awakening Jagriti to work in isolation and therefore it is decided that in the coming years Awakening Jagriti will establish its image in the development sector through networking. Networking & capacity building will be an integral part of all programme. Awakening Jagriti has also decided that it will get into micro level advocacy during the coming five years of time.