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About Us - Our Focus Area
At Awakening Jagrity, Our focus area is as under:

Focus Area 1 : “Promoting / protection of child rights”
Focus Area 2 : Promotion of Quality Education”
Focus Area 3 : Enhancement of Health Status”
Focus Area 4 : Promotion of sustainable development through community participation & governance.”
Focus Area 5 : “Sustainable Livelihood”
Focus Area 6 : Eco-friendly practices”
Focus Area 7 : “Promotion of healthy food practices & supplementing diet with nutritious food”
Focus Area 8 : “Gender sensitization”
Focus Area 9 : “Care & Support”

The groups that are directly or indirectly benefited from the various programmes are as under

Present Target Groups Strategic Group for Inclusion
  Children of construction labourers
  Children and adults with neurological problems (CP)
  Children in formal schools
  Children living on the street
  Children out of school
  Children in urban slums
  Institutionalized children
  Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
  HIV Infected & affected children
  Children of CSW
  Child laborers
  Drop out children
  Children bellow 6 year.
  Women in urban  and rural communities
  Victims of domestic violence
  Adolescent and Youth  (rural and urban)
  Men in urban slums
  School teachers
  Village Leaders
  Pregnant & lactating mothers
  Secondary school children
  Nomadic community
  Senior citizens
  Destitute women
  Commercial Sex Workers
  Children in urban slums