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Case study - Jyoti Sunil Deshmukh
Striking Case Studies
Group Name : Sangharsh Self Help Group
Name : Jyoti Sunil Deshmukh
Age : 28th
Education : 10th STD
Location : Vimannagar, Pune

Family Background
Jyoti Deshmukh is an active member of the Self help group.
When her family migrated from the village they don’t have any income sources. Her husband was involved in selling different vegetables in the community and she was a house wife. Her family was fully dependant upon the vegetable selling. The income sources were too little for their survival.

Initial Intervention
As their was no option, she took initiatives to learn different trades for improving financial status of her family. She has executed small business like candle making masala product, tailoring etc. in to the community.

She has taken initiative to form a self Help Group with the help of our organization. Through SHGs they could have easy access to credit. They have earned good profit and their standard of leaving has been increased. Different trainings and development activities were conducted by the organization on capacity building for income generations
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Early Development Initiatives
Jyoti Deshmukh with
the group members.
In early stage the members has got order from the school where they supplied snack like poha, Upama, boil eggs to children. This enterprise has given them basic idea of the business. They learned how to manage business and get profit.

Project Enterprise
A change of member’s life was brought about as a result of unique project enterprise, a joint efforts of Awakening Jagriti and MITCON through the entrepreneurship development.

For improving the financial condition she has executed services on supplying food through Tiffin for the employees who are working in different manufacturing company. Most of the customers are from the local area.

Initially she has faced so many problems to run this enterprise. She was not having sufficient capital. Also the vessel which was used for making food was limited. Always there was problem of gas cylinder, less human resources but still she didn’t give up and accepted as a challenge and applied loan to the bank with the appropriate report. Bank has also cooperated her for loan.

For running this enterprise all the family members were involved to support her. After that she has taken four members from the group for work. Presently she is having orders of around 130 Tiffin boxes. Every thing she is managing through distributing the work amongst the members, which include purchasing raw material, making the food, filling it in to the Tiffin and supplying it on time.

She is always giving importance to maintain the quality of food. And resolving the complaints of the customer through follow up. Now she has purchased one telephone in to her house through which she is getting the orders. Around 6 members have got employment by this project.

Future Vision
In future she is planning to approach more companies for getting more orders. And she has that confidence that she will get more orders and could increased more employment opportunities to nearer people through this project. These will additional benefit for everyone.
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Name   Utpal
Date of Birth : 19.9.2002
Sex : Male
Diagnosis : Cerebral Palsy Athetoid
Medical History :
Low birth weight. Was hospitalized for 3 months. Detailed medical history not available as the child is an Orphan – currently in foster care.
Early Intervention Program :
All India Institute of Physical Management Mumbai, NCCP Mumbai, and CSE Pune.

Attended Play School but was unable to cope up with the mainstream school program.
Utpal joined Jagriti School in 2008.
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Entry level Assessment
Child had poor balance and in coordinated gait.
Poor gross hand functions
He had low attention span, poor sitting tolerance and poor observation skills
Speech- Expresses in single words and uses gestures more often than words.
Language skills- poor
No clarity of basic cognitive concepts.
ADL Skills- Partially independent.

Current Profile
The child walks in a balanced and a coordinated manner independently. He can clear stairs. He has developed gross manipulative hand functions and fine hand skills are developing. Utpal has learnt to sit and concentrate on the given activity for 15-20 mins.

He has developed good study skills. He is a highly motivated child, determined to learn new concepts and completes the task given to him. He can express himself using 3-4-5 word sentence in a correct grammatical sequence.

He has achieved pre-primary academic level. He has developed good reading and writing and numerical skills

This child has shown tremendous improvement and can be integrated in the mainstream.

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